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Chalet du Soufflet

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Re: Chalet du Soufflet

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Désolé, mais mon français est très pauvre, donc j'écris en anglais.

We stayed overnight from the 17th to the 18th of August 2020 and found everything as described. We called the given telephone number to ask for the circumstances. It might be possible that the cows may be placed around the house, but this was on this night not the case.
The mattresses are not as bad as described, they are not moldy, but it could be a good idea to bring a sheet to avoid any contact to your sleeping bag.
The stove is working, but the front door ist broken, so heat regulation is almost impossible. There is plenty of wood in the storage, but the segments are big. A wedge and an axe are available to divide the blocks into smaller peaces. In the storage on the back side are more wood, branches from trees, but there was no tool to get this small.
The kitchen equipment is small, I suggest to spend some cups, since the plastic bowls are ugly.
Since there are no light, it is very good to bring some candles. We brought two small candles and left them there.
As a surprise a working radio is on site. It uses 6 pieces of "AA"-size batteries to operate.
I searched a while for the water fontain. It is found by following the small path on the south end of the building to south west. The pipe where the water flows out, end after two meters in the creek. If not all water tooks its way through the pipe, the position of the pipe must be adjusted. The water looks a bit brown, maybe caused by some iron. There are two plastic containers to get the water back to the building. There was o big pot, so we boiled the water before using it.
Unfortunately, I forgot a pen, so I was not able to write a small "merci" notice, but maybe this message is also sufficent.